The InteliSonic toothbrush saved my smile!

I had the fortune of meeting with Carrie Brown Ibbetson to talk about Dental Hygiene. I learned that the way I was brushing my teeth did not help the situation I had with tooth sensitivity, inflamed gums, and stains in between my teeth. She recommended I try the InteliSonic toothbrush. Carrie even took the time to demonstrate how to properly use the toothbrush to get the results I wanted.

In just one week using the InteliSonic toothbrush, my gums looked healthy, the stains practically disappeared, and I didn’t have to use the “sensitive mode” setting after the first few times of brushing my teeth. Pretty cool, right? Well, it’s a BIG deal to me.

So, since I was getting great results with the InteliSonic, I thought maybe I should get out a different electric toothbrush I was given for Christmas last year. I was thinking that all electric toothbrushes are the same, right? To my surprise, after using the other toothbrush for a few days, I was not getting that same healthy-looking smile. The other one seemed “harsh” against my teeth, my gums looked irritated, and brushing my teeth became uncomfortable. I couldn’t use the same brushing techniques as I was using with the InteliSonic, so I put the other one away.

The InteliSonic toothbrush made a big difference in my smile. Thanks Carrie!!!

-Erin Bellinghausen-Aguilar

This is the one to buy!

Significantly cheaper than the competitor and better.

You literally feel like you just left the dentist chair after using this. It is my first electric toothbrush. I love the UV sanitizer. It does all the work for you, has a great ergonomic feel, and has a great pulsating signal to tell you to switch to another area of your mouth every 30 seconds.

I appreciate the "smart" packaging this toothbrush arrived in. There isn't a lot of waste which annoys me with products you buy overpackage.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

- Jason from Usually 36,000 feet

"I'm very impressed with this toothbrush"

It really seems to made by a company that is serious about creating good, solid dental care products. It's easy to use, I love the UV sanitizer feature and the I like the 2-minute brush timer. It also includes settings for normal brushing, sensitive teeth brushing and gum massage. All of that, combined with the great price, makes this an excellent value.

- fleabee from Nebraska

never felt teeth this clean

I have never felt teeth this clean after using a manual toothbrush. It is the perfect fit for my hand. Not awkward or bulky like the old competing brand toothbrush I used own.

- jfrikken from Jacksonville, NC

sensitive teeth

I have very sensitive teeth and have always been recommended to use an electric toothbrush. I got fed up with the $150+ models that got moldy and disgusting after six months and I went back to the old fashioned kind. I saw this one and thought the price was right so I gave it a shot. I love the feel of it, and the UV cleaner is so great.

- Sensitive brusher from Englewood, CO

so pleased

I was so pleased with how clean my teeth felt after my first use.. it was just like I had been to the dentist for a cleaning. I also love the sanitizer and the timer . Love it.! I would recommend this to a friend

By Patti from Atlanta, GA

made the switch

I finally made the switch from a regular toothbrush to this power toothbrush and I should have done this years ago!! The sanitizer is really cool too. Definitely happy with this purchase...

By omg from Boston, MA

absolutely love this toothbrush

I have used a leading toothbrush brand in the past and I absolutely love this toothbrush! My teeth feel so clean and I really like the UV sanitizer. It is a great price compared to other sonic brushes out there and I like it better!!!

By A Fan!!! from Florida